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opm_den's Journal

on point muthafuckas!
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this community is for opm fans

it's run by fuctpyro and punkrawkangel

it's dedicated to john e. necro's hot ass

if you like opm, or agree that john e. is one hot motherfucker, we welcome you to join

so if ya wanna go to my heaven
where we all gonna have a ball
and everyone you know is welcome
'cause we got no gates or walls

"I'm probably not the best role model for your children"

- matthew aka shakey lo the kreation kid

2pac, being kinky, bob marley, cali, casper, chronic, corruption, devil horns, dickies, el capitan, geoff turney, grafitti, halfpipes, handcuffs, hardcore, hash, hating vending machines, illegal agricultural activities, john e. necro, john e.'s hot ass, long beach, metal, opm, opm bling bling, piercings, pissing off parents, porn, porn*star, rap, rebeling, reggae, rum.com, running from the law, santa cruz boards, skateboarding, speaking in code, sublime, sweet sticky nugs, tattoos, tequilla, the war on drugs, undercover freaks, weed