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what a fun night!

i love my cousin she's the best! i wish i we could stay young forever we have so much fun together. today was the perfect day. all we saw was HOTT guys everywhere we went. and i when i say HOTT ohmygosh i mean they were dead sexy. well she took me to ricatoni's tonight and i got some alcohol b/c our server told the whole restaurant that i was 22... and i'm only 18. so yeah she got me a heineken. gosh i love that girl. she's cool too b/c she goes to uncle charlies that's a flea market here and she's gets kick ass belt buckles and she's really nice... anywho audrey beat me in air-hockey... how i don't know. it's beyond me. but guys i have to say this week has been pretty good. many of you are going to make me cd's and that's always bout it. if any guys out there want to marry me, i'm all about it! let's go right now.

on that note i'm leaving

*hugs and kisses*
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