Efrum The Retarded Rabbit (lifesforsaken) wrote in opm_den,
Efrum The Retarded Rabbit

i never realized how organized you have to be for prom, i'll prolly never survive it, oh well. aslong as i remember one thing, pick up my date, i think i'm good, oh yeah...and probly wear clothes :P
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have fun!

wanna hear a story? I'm in 11th grade, and I met this guy from another school who's in 12th grade and he's the nicest, most adorable person, so of course I'm crazy over him. Well I was planning on asking him if he'd want to take me to his prom, since he hadn't even been planning on going at all. So anyway, the day before I wanted to ask him, he went on this radio show that we both like. So the two main radio talk show guys were like, hey, we want to pay for your whole prom since ur such a good fan. limo, tux, tickets, dance lessons, the girl's dress, corsage, dinner afterwards, eveything. then they asked him who he was taking. he said he didn't have a date. so they said he could go with this other fan of the show, Crazy Clare. So they told her and she got all excited because she'd already had her prom so she wanted to go to another one. well I heard all this over the radio and started crying like a retard because, well, I'd wanted to go with him so badly and this Clare girl is um, how should I put this, rather loose? so I know they'll be making out like wild by the end of the night.

my life sucks.
nah, just a spout of bad luck, ask him to yours next year! ya gotta look at the bright side of things, maybe it's better you didn't go w/ him, know what i mean? maybe something bad woulda happened! don't look at the negative things, look at what options have opened up. god has a plan for us all :)